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Supermoto is back!

Well the local 2013 Supermoto season got under way yesterday over at Nutt’s Corner – chilly day but decent turn out made for an interesting day’s racing.

Bruce Drummond on his 250 Enduro bike, last minute replacement after his normal racebike expired during testing!

For all picture details see the Supermoto page.


Kind of forgot about this… Hope to update it a bit more often!


Supermoto NI Round 5, Nutts Corner.

Supermoto NI Round 5, Nutts Corner.

Lough Neagh Sunset

Lough Neagh Sunset by Niall Simpson
Lough Neagh Sunset, a photo by Niall Simpson on Flickr.

This Heron posed nicely just as the sun went down at Antrim’s Loughshore

Antrim Castle Parterre

IMG_8777e by Niall Simpson
IMG_8777e, a photo by Niall Simpson on Flickr.

Despite the work going on, we went for a walk there and enjoyed the sunshine!


The Antrim Guardian used one of my pictures from the first round of the Supermoto championship – cropped and uncredited…

Newspaper article

Here’s my original picture.

Published…. (sort of)

Just heard that a few of my pictures from the Supermoto on Sunday have been used in the event report on Supermotoonline website! Small images and no credit but hey, it’s a start!

Also made it onto the website edition of a local paper with the same event report – The Magherafelt Northern Constitution….. Don’t know if it will be in the print edition but I’ll keep an eye out for it! Again a small uncredited pic but you have to start somewhere.

Grace in Newcastle

The family was down in Newcastle for Mother’s day and I took some pictures of Grace, my 3 year old daughter.

Grace in reflective mood

Yellow Boots

NI Supermoto 2011 Round 1

From the first round of the NI Supermoto Championships at the Nutt’s Corner Kart track:

Bruce Drummond has taken on the role of Press Officer for the Supermoto NI club – he asked me to come along to take some pictures for him to help publicise the club events – with sunshine forecast I gladly agreed! Went a bit trigger happy and took loads of shots, a few are below but the full range can be viewed or purchased at my Photobox Gallery.